Monday, October 28, 2013

The biggest risk I ever took created a space filled up with disappointments. The cracks in my foundation, the fissures in my universe Meant the breaking of my chains… but How could I see that then? What I knew then was this: The most tender-hearted man I’d ever met was using me to reject all womanhood The most world-renowned spiritual figure I’d ever known was asking me to follow her into crazy The most evolved and creative person I’d ever lived with was treating me like a child. The silver pressure cooker that is Jerusalem exploded all the skins off my beliefs like lima beans What I know now is that I was being born The umbilical cord that connected me to that which had given me nourishment had to be cut or I would die The silver lining in that cloud turned inside out my desperate need and what I once controlled was opened up by possibility. The mourning doves have been released and their wings beat the sky with joyous freedom. © 2013 Gwen Moore

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