Monday, December 28, 2009

A Tribute to My Brother, James Carlyn Moore III
February 12, 2009

I would love to be there today to hear what you all are saying, see your faces, and feel the depth of friendship you are celebrating in this moment.

I have known Chip longer than you have, but from working with him day by day and year by year, you know him better than I do. I envy you that.

I told Chip many years ago, “The only reason I can live in Nashville, with you in California, is that I believe in heaven. I couldn’t bear to be separated from you this way if I didn’t believe we’ll have eternity together.”

Chip is one of the finest and most fascinating men I’ve ever known. Our dad exemplified the lesson that “Everyone has something he or she can teach me.” He also taught the principle that we should do our best even when no one on earth will appreciate it, because God will. Our parents left us a legacy of service, choosing work that yields rewards in people’s lives rather than in income. Chip has added to these ideals by becoming a mentor to many, freely sharing what he has learned with those who seek him out. At work, in his professional associations, through the church and in a wide range of friends and acquaintances, he has sought to help people and solve problems while making folks feel esteemed and valued for themselves, not for what they can do for him.

He works hard, and he serves faithfully, but Chip also knows how to play. He has led you on outings and adventures which have enriched your lives on many levels. I don’t know anyone else but Chip who would get tickets for a play by Euripedes at the Getty and then read it aloud to you the night before, to deepen your enjoyment of the experience. I don’t know anyone but Chip and Sharyn who have rounded Cape Horn while reading Darwin’s Beagle diary. You may not know that he has written poetry, but you do know he plays the clarinet, enjoys a wide range of music, loves books and seeks out their authors, deeply appreciates fine wines and the world of art. He loves to travel, reveling in the cultures of people groups all over the world.

He does all this not to achieve an elite status in the eyes of others, but out of a genuine and contagious enthusiasm, with a childlike joie de vivre. I honor him today as we anticipate the new adventures that await him and the surprising blessings that I know God has planned for him. I’m proud to know you, Chip, and to be your favorite sister, Gwen.

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